Q: How do I remove calcium build up? 

 A: Apply white vinegar where the buildup is. After you apply, run the fountain, the molecules in the water will actually diminish the residue. In some states, water is really hard making it very difficult to remove residue on any product made out of concrete but the vinegar will certainly help. DO NOT USE ANY ACID PRODUCTS ON THE FOUNTAINS IT WILL REMOVE ANY PAINT OR STAIN COLOR 

 Q: How much water do I put in my fountain? 

 A: Please keep your fountain three-quarters full. Remember, water evaporates and if the fountain is running all day, it needs attention to refill it to avoid a pump burn out. We offer an Auto Fill mechanism that can be connected to a water line, must be ordered with the fountain so that we can cast the fountain with the extra hole it needs to connect the Auto Fill. 

 Q: The flow on my fountain has slowed down and is barely running. What can I do to fix this issue? 

 A: You can turn the fountain off, use your garden hose and spray water in the top hole of the fountain and run water through it. This will push the debris from the pump out and help improve the flow. If this does not work, check to see if any of the clear tubing is kinked, most likely located in the sphere.

Q: My order has arrived damaged, what should I do? 

 A: You need to refuse the delivery, write damaged on the driver’s paperwork and contact us asap. We will request a copy of the driver’s paperwork showing it was signed for damaged and get another order processed for replacement. 

 Q: I have a float on my fountain and the fountain is overfilling. What do I do? 

 A: Locate the shut-off valve on your water line and turn it off. You will need to order the top piece of the pedestal float ($15) and we can mail it to you to replace. There are 3 screws located on the top piece of the float, you will unscrew those and replace the top piece of the float. Turn the water back on and use the adjustable spring on top to adjust the water level. 

 Q: I can hear my pump running but no water is coming out the top. What is causing this? 

 A: Check to see if any of the tubing is kinked. Check the filter located inside the pump to see if it is clogged. If there has been chlorine or bleach added to the fountain, this could destroy the impeller and the blades can break off, resulting in replacing the pump. 

 Q: I fill my fountain every day and it keeps draining, what can I do to fix it? 

 A: If there was a drip line added to the fountain, it can be siphoning the water out. If this is the case, make sure the drip line is located above the waterline and not in the water. It could also be the grommet (Rubber stopper in the basin). We can send you out more Perma Gum (Grey gooey material to seal grommet and pump cord). The last reason for this is evaporation. Some of the smaller fountains may need to be filled each day in hotter areas of the country.