Design Cast Products

AZ Manufacturer of Precast Site Furnishings & Landscape Accessories

Since our start in North Phoenix in 1992, we have manufactured the Design Cast line of precast site furnishings and landscape accessories. Over the years we have evolved to providing complete site furnishing, landscape accessories, and garden product solutions.

Along the way, relationships have been developed with many of the most respected manufacturers & artisans in the industry.
We pride ourselves in the variety of products we carry from local, national, and international artisans and suppliers.

A feature unique to Phoenix Precast Products is our in house tooling & mold shop. Keeping our mold work in house gives us greater quality control and flexibility in our product offerings. It also makes us a one stop solution for custom precast work made specifically for your project.

Another highlight of our company is our staff. The Phoenix Precast Products team is made up of experienced, respectful, courteous individuals who take pride in providing the highest levels of customer service. We look forward to working with you on any projects you may have.

A visit to our expansive North Phoenix showroom and display grounds will give you the chance to learn first hand about the people and products of Phoenix Precast.